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Sharing My Wife With Another Guy For The First Time (The Truth)

I want to meet couples who would have sex with us in the same room, perhaps even couples who would be open to wife-sharing. I want to watch my husband have sex with another woman. I think I would get a huge kick out of seeing some hot thing ride his dick in front of me.

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My wife of 30 years passed away. 1 day my old friend Asked me how I was doing I told him I did not want to date but sure would like to get laid.A few days later he called Told me that he and his wife I've always wanted a threesome Would I be interested.I said yes But nervous we all were It turned out great We had s** for over year Until she got religion

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First ask your wife, make sure she is as generous as you are with her sexual favors , then place a short ad on Craigslist or some such web-site. Make sure that you want to be part of the sharing, if your wife wants to share you with a man or multiple partners you have to agree to it too. See, that's the way it's formulated.

I Want To Share My Wife With Other Men But She Is Not Ready ...

You do not share a wife, usually, unless you are a true double standards weirdo.

Wife Sharing: Why Does My Husband Want To Share Me?

Wife sharing requires 100% trust between both husband and wife. Before I veer further into the topic, there are few things I want to advert your mind to, and they are as follows: most people usually take wife-sharing to mean the same thing with wife-swapping, but this is totally wrong.

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Same basic scenario with my first wife. We were in our early 30s and I showed her my latest Wife Sharing Edition. She took more interest in it, and we role played during sex. She asked me the same questions, and when I reassured her that if we had a mfm I wouldn't be expecting a fmf. She seemed more at ease, and asked if I really wanted to ...

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If you are in agreement and practice safe sex then yes, wife sharing can be healthy. Monogamy isn't for everyone , but wife sharing is also not for everyone. Be sure to talk it over together ...

I want my husband to share me - relationship advice

i want my husband to share me. i have had this desire for a long time. it started when my husband told me, during foreplay one night, he wanted to watch me have sex with another man. we talked about it and i said i would like to do it. but after the sex was over i told him that i really didn't want to do it.

Should I let my wife sleep with a man with a bigger penis?

Nothing’s too small (or big). I am a 43-year-old man, and my wife is 41. We married when I was 31 and my wife was 29. She never had sex before we got together, not even masturbation, because of ...